Platinum Motor Group - Extended Warranty


A Comprehensive Vehicle Warranty

Covering all Mechanical & Electrical Parts Plus Wear & Tear

Extended Warranty - Protect Yourself

        Our Extended Warranty Provides:

        • No mileage restrictions or limitations (from inception)

        • Unlimited claims

        • No age restrictions or limitations (from inception)

        • Claims value up to vehicle purchase price

        • No claims excess to pay

To benefit from the Platinum Extended Warranty, the vehicle must be under 8 years old, under 80,000 miles at inception and must be serviced by a Platinum Dealership.


Extended Warranty - Protect Yourself

At Platinum…

We recognise that every customer has a variety of different motoring requirements, which is reflected in the incredible range of vehicles available from across our group of dealerships. We also recognise that our aftersales service must offer tailor made options too…

For total peace of mind we now offer a unique and comprehensive ‘Gold’ Extended Warranty, which is designed for you to enjoy worry free motoring ongoing. For a personal quotation and further information, please contact us on the number shown below.

Gold Warranty


• The rocker assembly, including hydraulic followers
• Inlet and exhaust valves (not burnt valves)
• Springs and guides
• Cylinder head (not cracked, de-coking or
  porous heads)
• Cylinder head gasket (except skim)
• Push rods
• Camshaft and followers
• Timing gears and chains (excluding tensioners
  and connected electrical devices)
• Oil pump
• Pistons and rings
• Cylinder bores (excluding cracked or porous bores)
• Con rods
• Gudgeon pins and bearings
• Crankshaft and bearings
• Inlet manifold
• Flywheel and ring gear
• Timing belts (provided that the last due change
  of belt has taken place)

• Internal shafts
• Gears
• Clutches
• Brake bands
• Valve block
• Governor
• Oil pump
• Bearings and bushes
• Servo
• Drive plate and transfer
  gears (excluding oil leaks)

• Internal gears
• Synchromesh hubs
• Selectors
• Shafts
• Bearings, bushes and transfer
  gears (excluding oil leaks)

Extended Warranty - Manual Gearbox




• Failure of any internal mechanical parts

• Internal crown wheel and
• Gears
• Shafts
• Bearings and bushes

• Centre plate
• Pressure plate
• Release bearing
• Oil contamination (centre plate
• Master and slave cylinders

FRONT -WHEEL DRIVE (If applicable)


(If applicable)

• Drive shafts including constant velocity joints
• Universal joints and couplings (not gaiters) wheel
• Front and rear wheel bearings

• Universal joints and

• Half shafts
• Rear-wheel external drive
  shafts including constant
  velocity joints, universal joints
  and couplings (not gaiters)




• Carburettors
• Automatic choke
• Lift pump
• Mechanical or electrical fuel pumps and tank
  sender unit
• Fuel injection system
• Throttle body
• Airflow meter
• Idle control valve
• Cold start valve
• Warm up regulator
• Overrun cut off valve
• Throttle potentiometer
• Fuel accumulator
• Pressure regulator
• Map sensor (except injectors and heater plugs)

• Radiator
• Oil cooler
• Heater matrix
• Water pump
• Viscous fan coupling
• Thermostat and
  thermostat housing

Extended Warranty - Engine Cooling Systems

• Hydrolastic displacers and
  hydropneumatic spheres
• Coil springs
• Upper and lower wishbones
• Ball and swivel joints
• Shock absorbers


• Power assisted steering
• Steering rack and pinion (not gaiters)
• Steering box
• Power steering rack and pump
• Power steering reservoir and idler box

Extended Warranty - Steering

• Brake master cylinder
• Wheel cylinders
• Restrictor valve
• Brake caliper seals
• Servo

Extended Warranty - Brakes

• Starter motor and solenoid
• Alternator
• Window and sun roof motors
• Electric window switches
• Sunroof switch
• Central locking motors
• Heater fan motor
• Indicator flasher relay
• Distributor
• Front and rear windscreen
  wiper and washer motors
• Thermostatically-controlled
  radiator fan motor
• Horn
• Multi-function stalk switch




• Engine electronic control unit (ecu)

• Oils, filters and anti-freeze
  are included only if it is
  essential to replace them
  because of the failure of a
  part which is included under
  this agreement

• If any of the included parts fail
  and this damages the casing,
  it will also be included

FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE (If applicable)

(factory fitted only)

(factory fitted only)

• All four wheel drive components

• Air conditioning
  compressor unit

• Turbo charger unit

ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (factory fitted only)


• ABS modulator and sensors




For a personal quotation and further information, please contact us on the number below:

Platinum Motor Group
Direct Marketing Department, Unit 2 & 4
Platinum Motor Park, North Bradley, Trowbridge BA14 OBJ
01225 759530

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Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30am - 5:30pm

To benefit from the Platinum Extended Warranty, the vehicle must be under 8 years old, under 80,000 miles at inception and must be serviced by a Platinum Dealership.




*Please check the warranty agreement document for full details - refer to terms and conditions for details of definitions and exclusions. The listed components shown above are subject to the terms as described in the warranty document and are also subject to certain limitations in terms of the maximum amount paid in the event of a breakdown. The list shown is not a comprehensive list - please ask the Platinum Motor Group for further details. Excludes taxi’s, driving schools and commercial vehicles. Images used for illustrative purposes only.

All information is correct at time of printing May 2017 V5.


Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty - Transfer of Ownership & Exclusions


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